The Image Hoard


I am pleased to be able to promote Wulfgar the Bard’s contribution to, “Digging into the Dark Ages”.

The monograph was edited by @howardmrw and @dwtpauline and, published by @Archaeopress

I would like to thank Howard Williams @howardmrw for getting me to do something I don’t normally do…i.e. write! I mostly draw and, without Howard suggesting I contribute in the first place, it would never have happened.

There are loads of people to thank. First, has to be, @donaeldunready without whom I would never have started drawing images for the Trumped-up-Tapestry. Then @VladimirKhagan, @Ninja_Starfish, @SeanTheHalfwity and all the other amazing accounts from Mercia.

I’d like to thank @alexgchale, @jjarrard51, @SootAndShale, @archaeoborders, @iwm21, @jjmitchell, @Real_James_Hogg, @meggy_head, @mmiddleton34 and Chris Lowe for their help and contributions.

The monograph can be downloaded free here PDF

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